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Lisa Kral holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance from the University of Wisconsin. She lives in Palisade, Colorado with her husband. They spend weekends exploring picturesque small towns of the United States, currently focusing on Colorado. Lisa says her creative juices flow with the art of photography as she documents "the dance of life." Every picture represents a choreographed dance engaging the photographer, the camera, the subject, and ultimately the audience. Lisa's photos have been exhibited from Illinois to Colorado and you can find them on many of Colorado’s social media sites, in local newspapers, newsletters, and blogs. 

Her photos are currently on exhibit and for sale at The Ouray Main Street Inn, The Palisade Cafe, The Palisade Chamber of Commerce, and The Paliworx Co-Working Space in Palisade.

Lisa typically uses a Sony a6500. She feels printing images is an exciting way to share and preserve them, and she is honored and thrilled to share them with you!

This website is designed to pique your interest. All photos seen here and more are available in custom sizes and mediums. Feel free to reach out if you are looking for something in particular.

Lisa "Moose" Levy Kral

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